Client Testimonials

Thanks for the highly professional job on the building inspection. I would not hesitate in recommending you in the future.

Katrina -  Hobart Lawyer

We really appreciated the feedback and advice you gave us regarding the property inspection of ......  It was definitely the most informative property report we have ever had done, and we will be following your advice when we get to work on the house.  We particularly appreciate your money saving ideas.


Just a quick message to say thank you for your help with the inspection of the property at  ......  I am happy to report that the sale is in the process of going through, after a reduction in price which will partially cover the defects that you found.  Thanks again. Your meticulous inspection and advice on the property was hugely appreciated.


Many thanks for you prompt service and professional advice.  We'll give you a call as soon as we've found our 'beach shack' and do it all over again!


Thanks again for all your help, and for getting the inspection done so quickly.  We couldn't have been happier with the outcome, and really liked your format of a detailed verbal report, rather than only providing a written report.  Tom and I feel we really know the house now, rather than just skimming over a written report.  I will happily recommend you to anyone looking for a building inspector.


Thanks for your thorough and very helpful service.  Money well spent!


Just a short message to thank you for the comprehensive report you compiled on ........  Your work far exceeded our expectations, and the disc of photos you supplied enabled us to get a real insight into the property.  It is a fabulous resource!  Thanks again.

Ron and Gwen

Thank you for your thorough report.  It is refreshing to see someone who is still passionate about their work.


Thank you for your extensive report, David.  It is greatly appreciated.  I'm thoroughly impressed with your work!  I thank you very much for your assistance in relation to this matter, and would not hesitate to recommend you to any other purchasers.

Hobart Lawyer

Good news ... we successfully purchased the house in ......... St at $20K reduction in price to go towards the roof/gutters/painting etc.  This would not have happened if it weren't for your diligence and help.  So, thank you.  We very much appreciate it.


You really showed us a completely different concept of of home inspection.  It was the first time we have got that much detailed information from a professional point of view. From pointing out the areas that needed to be fixed, to how to fix them, and end up with helping us to get the hot-water cylinder replaced.  All the way through we felt not only your professionalism, but a warm and safe peace of mind, just like being looked after by an old friend.  We would like to thank you again, and it was our pleasure to meet you.

Hans and Mei

" Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the inspection of ....... Road, and in particular for the verbal report you gave Cathie and I last Friday afternoon. Your report was very comprehensive and together with the photos you provided, we now have an excellent understanding of the structural and related aspects of the property  Of course it is also very comforting to know that there are no major issues that need to be addressed.  Once again thank you for your excellent and comprehensive report, and we will certainly be in touch in due course regarding your recommendations for reliable tradespeople, should we undertake any work on the property in the future."


Melbourne Lawyer (Principal)

Thank you so much Mr Raw, we really appreciate the quality of service you have provided.  I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone who stands still long enough.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful photographs you provided.  We have lift off!  They are just perfect for doing a wander through without having to go back and disturb the owners (ex-owners).  I would feel I was intruding and I don't have to, as you have covered the lot.  Thank you so much.  You are a valuable asset to my list of valuable people :)


I would like to thank you for your courteous and professional manner while doing our building inspection.  You are definitely a cut above the rest in your field, and we will be highly recommending you to friends, family and colleagues if they are ever in need of a building inspection.

Tracy and Jason

This is just a short note to say 'thank you' for the prompt, efficient and professional building inspection you carried out on the above property on my request.  It is a joy to encounter people such as yourself in the somewhat 'daunting' process of first home ownership.


Thanks for doing such a careful and complete building report.  I really appreciated your attention to detail, observation skills and willingness to explain further.  Your written report and photos will help me work through some of the suggestions you made and will ensure I don't forget or misunderstand anything.


Thank you for such an excellent inspection.  It's been wonderful to engage such a thorough and professional consultant.


David, thank you for the report, which as usual was very thorough. The matters raised in the report have again been brought to the attention of the purchasers.

Indigenous Business Australia

A VERY big thank you for your thoroughness, helpful suggestions and solutions to ensure I prevent any further damage, and keep the rest of the house in great condition.  I have all these listed in my 'to do' list, and am in the process of costing each part for my budget.  Dad is helping me with the trees, and he and Mum said exactly the same thing you did about the conifers and Chilean willows!!  Once again, I really appreciate your knowledge and dedication to the inspection.  Much appreciation. 

Samantha (First home buyer)

Thank you for your report and its valuable information - we will act upon it.  In addition, thank you for our talk about the future of the rumpus room, and a possible addition to the upstairs rooms - we are inspired. 


Thank you for the great photos.  We appreciate your integrity, and the quality of your work.

Fran and Ross

Thanks for the building inspection at .......  I was very happy with the thorough job you did and the excellent documentation.  Thanks also for the articles on fire safety, I will heed them, as it looks like a bush-fire season coming up.


Thank you for a genuine, thorough and professional service!" 


Thanks very much for doing the building inspection recently at ......, especially for fitting it in at such short notice.  It was great to be able to find someone such as yourself who, apart from having a high level of expertise, can do the job in a friendly and down to earth manner, and without all the BS!!" 


Thanks again for doing this inspection.  We really appreciated how thorough and approachable you are.  We'd be happy to recommend you to others." 

Liz and Aaron

Thank you for your extensive and very thorough report, and your articles on tank water, and bush fire safety.  You have given us a very good understanding of the property, and some projects we can undertake to improve it.  We are very grateful for your prompt and very efficient service." 


Thank you for your extensive and very thorough report, and your articles on tank water, and bush fire safety.  You have given us a very good understanding of the property, and some projects we can undertake to improve it.  We are very grateful for your prompt and very efficient service." 


Thank you again for your thorough work and taking the time to explain everything to us. It is incredibly valuable and has set us up to move in with a much better idea of what's possible, what's necessary and what are some good ideas for easy improvements we can make." 

Rosalie & Liam

" Aquality recently undertook an inspection of our new build apartment in Hobart.  David was extremely diligent and professional and really went the extra mile, returning to the building to check that defects had been resolved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aquality to anyone who requires building consulting services in the Hobart area. " 


" David. I generally recommend you to clients for building inspections etc. when the need arises. They are always extremely complimentary of the work that you do - just thought you should know how much they appreciate it (doesn't always get back to the service provider)." 

Hobart Lawyer (Principal)  

" Thank you for completing our building inspection in such a timely manner. We could not be happier with your services and advice, and will be highly recommending you to anyone buying a property." 


" Thank you for inspecting our Glenorchy place last Friday. As usual, we were very impressed by your professionalism and thoroughness. We were thankful you were able to inspect the home for us, as there is no one we trust more as a Building Inspector" 

Michelle & Stephen  

" Thank you for everything!  You have been truly amazing David!  I don't know anything about a house as a first home buyer, and I am very grateful. I will contact you if I need anything :)  Also, I will contact you again for my next house :)"

T K  

" Thank you for your wonderful and thorough service; I will be sure to recommend"


" I really appreciate your thorough inspection and review of this property.  I would certainly recommend you to my mates, and reach out to you again for future purchases"


" Thanks again for your work on ..... Avenue, Blackmans Bay.  I really appreciate how thorough you were. I feel much more confident knowing someone with your level of experience has checked the property out.  So, it's been great having you involved!  I'll be sure to recommend you! "


" Once again, thank you so incredibly much for your meticulous, thorough and high quality building inspection report.  I really appreciated you supporting me by  completing the inspection promptly, taking such helpful and useful photos, and I also thank you for your kind and friendly manner.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I'm so grateful for you time and help.  It's so good speaking to someone who knows their field so exceptionally well.  You really are an expert."


" Thank you very much for your incredibly detailed report.  After going through the photos it made me realise how much work needed to be done before the house could be comfortably lived in.  As a result we didn't buy the house.  Thank you for your amazing work."


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